Because I Lost A Bet.... Ode To Michigan

I have to write a post on the greatness of Michigan because I lost a bet. I was able to come up with 5 simple observations that to me sum it all up:

1 - Michigan came into Southbend and whooped the Irish, plain and simple. The Irish, coming off a shalacking of Penn State, seemed flat and uninspired. I guess when you own a school so many years in a row you are bound to lose sooner or later.

2 - BQ was too busy day-dreaming about his sister than hitting his receivers which led the Irish to their worst home loss in a while.

3 - This matchup was, is, and always will be the battle of the best 2 fight songs in the nation.

4 - Michigan and Notre Dame are sure to go back and forth on the best winning percentage for many years to come. Especially if Michigan keeps scheduling powerhouses like Central Michigan and Vanderbilt.

5 - Michigan will finish with no less than 2, most likely 3 or 4 losses this year. In fact, watch out for Wisconsin today! They should be able to win and silence the Ann Arbor band-wagoners!

So enjoy being in the top ten for a few more weeks at most, although it will probably only be a few more hours.

With all the sincerity I can muster,

"The Bear"


Becky said...

Not at all the post you claimed would be written... you were sure to point out it had to be sincere and not sarcastic. And, if I recall, had displayed a miles long article as the inspiration for writing.

But what I see is a picture showing the wrong team in a loser's pose, and not very much of what the article was supposed to be.

Methinks you have reneged on the bet, Boomer.

Boomer Bear said...


You must have missed the "with all the sincerity I can muster" signature. I gave credit to Michigan but was also realistic, not sarcastic. I have a feeling the tone of my post was MUCH MORE positive and lengthy than if Michigan had lost and you had written it. So enjoy your first win over us in like 10 years and get ready for another decade of Irish domination.

Fair only comes 2 weeks a year in October,

"The Bear"

Becky said...

Actually, I am a good sport and fair loser and would have written what was bet on.

But hey, you go ahead and feel good about that "big win" over Michigan State.

Boomer Bear said...

Michigan Sucks! They lost to a Division 2 school yesterday!

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