Kyra Phillips: We know you all too well....

For those of you who have not heard yet, while President Bush was doing his Katrina speech, CNN news anchor Kyra Phillips was adding her own harmony to the piece. Apparently someone left her mic open while she was having a conversation with another woman in the CNN restroom and it was broadcast over President Bush's speech. While Phillips complimented her husband, her sister-in-law didn't end up so lucky. Below is an actual transcript of the above video attained from

Kyra Phillips: "assholes Yeah, I'm very lucky in that regard with my husband. My husband is handsome and he is genuinely a loving, you know, no ego[unintelligible] you know what I'm saying. Just a really passionate, compassionate great, great human being. And they exist. They do exist. They are hard to find. Yup. But they are out there."

[unidentified woman]: We'll see. He's going to come, you know, he's set for an extended visit[unintelligible]"

Phillips: "I mean, that's, that's how you figure it all out, those extended visits. [laughter]"

[unidentified woman]: "Yeah, but my mom, I think she really likes him."

Phillips: "Mom's got a good vibe? Good."

[unidentified woman]: "Yeah, my brother's the one that[unintelligible]"

Phillips: "Brother of course, brothers have to be, you know, protective. Except for mine. I've got to be protective of him."

[unidentified woman unintelligible]

Phillips: "Yeah. He's married, three kids, but his wife is just a control freak."

[unidentified woman #2]: "Kyra."

Phillips: "Yeah, baby?"

[unidentified woman #2]: "Your mic is on. Turn it off. It's been on the air."

Seconds later, Daryn Kagan stumbled through this awkward transition:

Daryn Kagan: "Alright, we've been listening in to President Bush as he speaks in, uh, New Orleans today. This is the one year anniversary of Katrina making land shore there. President Bush saying if another natural disaster hits, our country we must, uh, react better than that. Let's listen in once again to President Bush."

And as great as this mistake was, this wasn't the first time Kyra has been involved in a CNN snafu. Thanks to we are also reminded of another mishap:

Kyra Phillips: "Now, I've seen Michael Bolton sitting behind the President. Obviously not now, we're looking at different live pictures. Are we going to hear from him? Or have we heard from him?"

Richard Roth: "Well, you may -- you're not going to hear him sing. I think you said Michael Bolton, John Bolton the US ambassador-"

Phillips (embarrassed): "John Bolton. Richard, thank you so much. You're taking me back now to, what, the early '80s? My goodness."

Roth: "Yes, and this ambassador has much shorter hair."

Phillips: "And no relation, right? Maybe we should make that clear."

Roth: "No relation. Though some of his remarks has -- have caused some hair-raising reaction from advocates for some groups...."

Wow! CNN must be really holding their head high today. I mean, who wouldn't be? Especially after this current reporting masterpiece that makes all of us want to grow up to be news anchors. I know I do! But Kyra, I think it would be fair at this point to offer you a bit of advice. A lot of people don't like thier in-laws and that's fine... But I really wouldn't recommend broadcasting it on national television if you can help it. It may not improve the situation as much as you had hoped.

Having reporting excellence flashbacks of Lisa Guerrero on MNF,

"The Bear"


Anonymous said...

This is too funny... It wasn't funny what Kyra Phillips was saying in the bathroom. What WAS funny was Bush being all serious in talking about Katrina and he had no idea this was going on.. He didn't know that this whole bathroom conversation was going on and being broadcast OVER his voice. CNN claims it was a "Technical Malfunction". What? It was more of a "Board Operator Malfunction". All the board op had to do was bring her audio down. Someone in CNN control really screwed this one up. How could they let this go on for 90 secs?

liz Easterly said...

I'm sure we can expect a press release announcing her contrite apology, because that's what we Americans do. Explain, explain, apologize, explain.